Window Tint vs. Other Treatments & Coverings

Window Tinting vs. Other Options - Absolute Window Tinting Solutions, Reno/SparksMany options exist for combating the effects of the sun on your home or business. At Absolute Window Tinting Solutions of Reno and Sparks provides FREE professional consultations to discuss your best options, including Window Tint vs. Other Treatments. This service is provided during the estimate process, and is free of charge.

Window coverings, such as blinds, shutters and drapes, are excellent for privacy and eliminating glare, but they do not provide necessary heat rejection. The heat still travels through the window, coming in contact with the covering and ultimately making its way into the room or space. Window tint rejects the heat right at the point of contact, never allowing it to enter at all.

As well, maintenance of various coverings can be cumbersome, time consuming and an ongoing expense. Once window tint has been applied and given time to cure to the surface, it can simply be cleaned as you normally clean your windows. The installer will explain in detail the proper care and cleaning products that may be used to assure your newly tinted windows last for many years to come.

A combination of tinting and window coverings is recommended as well, as the sun’s harmful rays do over time damage even the most quality blinds, shutters or drapes. Your investment in window coverings will be protected as the sun rays which normally cause them to discolor or breakdown are virtually eliminated at the window pane.

Master Tinter Joe Zeman has been working with windows and window applications for many years and is familiar with virtually every type of product on the market today. His first priority is to make sure YOU the customer will be happy with what you have selected. A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal. Unlike many other companies, we will refer you to go elsewhere—providing contact and information—if necessary to best satisfy your needs.

At Absolute, we are confident in all our product lines. Window tint is affordable, lasts many years, conserves energy more efficiently, protects existing coverings, and is easy to take care of. Your air conditioning unit will thank you, as it will work at a reduced level during our hot Nevada summers, thereby lowering your utility costs. The savings you experience will differ depending on your space, selection of film, and the types of windows. However, at Absolute, we feel that your purchase will pay for itself over time, due to the utility savings you will experience.
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