Video Clips – Dramatic Bomb Blast Testing

Security, Blast, Safety and Anti-Graffiti Films

Absolute Window Tinting Solutions of Reno and Sparks offers a full line of blast, security and safety films, as well as a full line of anti-graffiti films which range from 2 mil to a staggering 21 mil thickness, all using a GSA-certified locking system.

In the following videos you will see glass protected by 7 and 8 mil applications, both considered industry standard, as well as a non-treated annealed glass. The difference speaks for itself (“safety” vs. “shatter”).

Master Tinter Joe Zeman prefers using the GSA-certified Dow 995 wet glaze application as he feels it is the best. However, Joe is familiar with all locking systems and it will be his pleasure to discuss and educate customers during the estimate process as the products and applications are diverse, and specific in many ways.

At Absolute Window Tinting Solutions of Reno and Sparks, we assist customers with their selection so that they get exactly what is required to suit their individual needs at both quality and price points. Master Tinter Joe Zeman guarantees it.

Videos used by permission of XlntTint. Be sure to scroll down to see all videos.

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